Gah I’m so bad at posting during finals.
  So I know it’s not Halloween anymore, but I really wanted to revisit this piece I did.  

  …I’m a man of few words. 

3 thoughts on “Revisited

  1. I think the composition is better, too. The moon is in a better spot and shares its light nicely with Mr. Ghost's face.

    If I might critique, I think the shadow under the ghost is a funny color. I didn't realize it was a shadow for a bit.

    But yeah, the textures are super-duper.

  2. Hoist-there's no hidden jokes here really. I just think ghosts naturally look whiny 🙂

    And Carl, thanks man. I'll take that into consideration. I thought a blue would be appropriate since he is blue, but maybe a blue-based black…

    Hmmm looks like I need to build on my communication skills.

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