Norman Bates stays locked up in his house with his mother most of the time.  It makes him go a little nutzo.  That’s why I’ve taken the liberty to give him some gardening time!

I am over my halfway mark on this project! Which means I’m halfway through summer break 😦

Ratched’s Dance Break

Finally, we see the illustrious Nurse Ratched.  Looks like the patients got a little too crazy once again, and this might be the point at which Ratched is driven mad herself.  With her cigarette in hand, she begins to dance away from insanity.  

XC Skiing


So for this illustration, I chose to depict both Gaear with his buddy, Carl, from the town of Fargo, North Dakota.  

Fargo is such a flatland.  They got outta there for a bit and went to the mountains for some skiing adventures.  They even brought Mrs. Lundegaard with them.